Hajime Isa
Hajime Isa

Hajime Isa, Chairman
International Nishikigoi Promotion Center

Thank you for visiting our website.
On behalf of hundreds of breeders in Niigata, I would like to greet the Nishikigoi lovers in the world.
My name is Hajime Isa, and I have taken the place of Mr. Mamoru Kodama from April 2008 and has been given the important mission as the 2nd chairman of INPC.
Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Kodama, Mr. Takada and other volunteers,
INPC was founded in May 2005, half year after the quake, as the messenger to tell everybody about the excellence of Nishikigoi from the origin, Niigata.

Nishikigoi was born in the “Chuetsu” mountain area named Yamakoshi and
Ojiya approximately 200 years ago. Since then, our predecessors’ enthusiasm and continuous efforts furnished the colored Koi with the beauty worthy of “swimming jewelry”. Now, Nishikigoi as the national fish of Japan is loved by millions of people in many different countries.

As one of the Nishikigoi breeders in Niigata, I can assure you of our further efforts to supply the most beautiful, safest and healthy Nishikigoi.

Please utilize INPC as the tool or bridge to communicate with us.
We always look forward to meeting you, hearing from you, knowing more about you, and letting you know more about us.

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