Japan's national fish, Nishikigoi, is beloved in the world today as the swimming jewel.

Unfortunately, however, on October 23, 2004, the Niigata Earthquake destroyed Yamakoshi Village and other birthplaces of Nishikigoi. To extend a helping hand to the victims, we established the Nishikigoi Protection Network and have provided support. Donations that we received from all over the world through the internet helped to reconstruct the birthplaces of Nishikigoi and to regain the breeders daily lives.

Many Nishikigoi breeders have been fully engaged in reconstruction activities while living through many hardships. Time and time again,we heard their wish to express sincere appreciation to all who offered support.

We believe our next mission is to visualize their appreciation and to promote the beauty of the Nishikigoi from the breeders standpoint. To accomplish that mission, on May 9, 2005, we founded the Nonprofit Organization International Nishikigoi Promotion Center (abbrev. INPC).

Save Nishikigoi Activity Report
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INPC Supporting Breeders
Koi Disease
Nishikigoi Mondo
Kodama with INPC supporting breeders
INPC aspires for the Niigata originated Nishikigoi to be correctly assessed from domestic and international Koi lovers, and for a world-class Niigata originated Koi brand to be established.

As a spokesman for the breeders, we will transmit out to the world a variety of information cultivated only in the lands of origin over the past 200 years; history and tradition, techniques and know-how of Koi experts, beauty of Koi and evaluation methods, and breeding methods, only to mention a few.

At the same time, we hope that INPC will serve as a community where, through Nishikigoi, Niigata’s breeders and Koi lovers from around the world meet, develop mutual understanding, and communicate actively. We will also promote networking with Nishikigoi related organizations around the world and hope that the information we provide will be shared among the well-meaning related organizations.
  • Construction of infrastructure for Niigata originated Nishikigoi market
  • Promotion of understanding of Niigata originated Nishikigoi
  • Brand establishment of Niigata originated Nishikigoi
  • Promotion of mutual comprehension with worldwide Koi lovers
  • Restoration of disaster sites
  • Preservation of Niigata originated Nishikigoi and traditional culture
  • Acquisition of correct understanding and evaluation methods
  • Acquisition of specialized knowledge of Koi breeding and management, etc.
  • Certification of high-quality Nishikigoi
  • Promotion of mutual comprehension with Koi breeders
All information and activities of INPC are attributed to the interest of Niigata Nishikigoi breeders. We proclaim to act as the representative of Niigata Nishikigoi breeders through INPC.