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Nishikigoi Mondo

The Bell of Hope
The bell of hope
The 3rd anniversary of the Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake was marked on October 23rd 2007. People in Yamakoshi Village toll “The Bell of Hope” to convey their gratitude to everybody who helped them recover from the tragedy. Now, the villagers' wish and appreciation resound throughout the world.
Photo Album “Yamakoshi-mura Futatabi”
Photo Album "Yamakoshi-mura Futatabi"
A photo album published approximately 4 months after the Niigata Earthquake
Interview with Mr. Nakajo, author of “Yamakoshi-mura Futatabi”

”Horumaika”, the movie
"Horumaika", the movie
”Horumaika, a record of the hand-excavated tunnel, Nakayama Zuido. ”

Echigo Togyu “Tsunotsuki”
Echigo Togyu "Tsunotsuki"
Yamakoshi-mura’s “Tsunotsuki” represents the culture of the village, just as Nishikigoi do.
*We updated the event information in 2012.
Ojiya City’s “Nishikigoi Village”
Ojiya City's "Nishikigoi Village"
An introduction to “Nishikigoi Village”, a facility built for those interested in appreciating Japan ’s national fish, Nishikigoi.

Kondo Kanbanten (signboard shop)
Kondo Kanbanten
An interview with Mr. Tadao Kondo who receives unquestioning support from Nishikigoi lovers for his unique oil painting, posters, postcards and magnets of Nishikigoi.
HASEGAWA SAKE Brewing Co.,Ltd.
HASEGAWA SAKE Brewing C0.,Ltd.
An interview with a sake brewery which continues to brew "handmade" Japanese sake even after suffering damages from the Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake.