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A few records of the ravages of Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake

JR Shinkansen "Toki" derailed
(Photo by Kyodo News 10.24.2004)
  Thousands of houses destroyed by landslides
(Photo by Kyodo News 10.24.2004)
Yamakoshi Village almost submerged
(Photo by Kyodo News 11.4.2004)
Where the "Minagawa" family was buried
people wanting water Hundreds of people living like this
tragedy for Nishikigoi

An impact so strong that it destroyed Koi ponds
  almost all Koi ponds are like this Millions of Koi swallowed by the cracks
A breeder's broken house with Koi ponds Almost all in-house ponds are like this Nishikigoi "tosai" carcass everywhere
Scene of Nishikigoi rescued
helicopter landed near damaged area loading "oyagoi"(1) loading "oyagoi"(2)
transfered to safe area from light truck to water tank moving to water tank carefully
rescued Oyagoi of "Showa" and "Shiroutsuri" Caring Koi is family's task completed today's work
hope for future
Nishikigoi producers will develop new ponds utilizing the flat field like this.  
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